The Richelieu Leger Family Association,



  Welcome to the official site of The Richelieu Leger Family Association. The purpose of the association is to collect, protect and disseminate the history of the Michel Leger and Angelique Pinet family for future generations. This is done by building and maintaining accurate genealogy, by keeping members informed through periodic newsletters, and by coming together to meet, share and have family fun at our biannual reunions.

This web site may change periodically as new or interestng information is found.  Please return often to see whats been added.

Any major additions will be announced on the Richelieu-Leger Facebook page.

We hope you enjoy your visit through our site and encourage all Leger descendants to join the association and keep in touch with family members.



This website will list all information on the Leger male lineage thru 1920. the female lineage will only be listed for 100% and 50% Leger bloodline.  (Go to GENEALOGY page)


This web site will not list names or info of any person in the genealogy database born after 1920.  People born after 1920 may be in our databae, but will not be put on the website for security reasons.


If any members would like more information about our family, we can be contacted at:  Contact  


Our thanks to our members who have dedicated years of research to our Acssociation knowledge base. Special Thanks to our Historian, R. Lege for his production of the "Leger Addendum" Official name: "Le Guardien" which provides invaluable information about our direct ancestors as well as to the general Acadian story.


We express our appreciation to all who have researched and published Acadian Genealogy information which allows us to be educated about our history.