The Richelieu Leger Family Association, Inc.

CMA 2019

29 Family Reunions

August 10 thru 24 th

New Brunswick and

Prince Edward Island, Canada


Congres Mondial Acadien

Family reunions were the inspiration and rationale for the very first CMA, in 1994, and they remain an important part of the CMA 2019. 36 family reunions have been confirmed for 2019, and they will take place across the host region, from Souris to Saint-Louis-de-Kent!


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NOTE: the Leger Reunion (8/16- 8/17 in Dieppe, PEI) listed  here is the LaRosette Legers, not the Richelieu Legers which is still in planning stage.

Both Leger reunions may be combined at this site.

New information forth coming will be posted here.


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