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There may be some confusion yet as to whether a Lege/Leger/Legere family is from the La Rosette Leger line or the Richelieu Leger line.  For many years it was thought that all Leger's were traced to La Rosette, but in recent years, we have found it is not so.  If you can trace your ancestors back to Michel Leger and Angelique Pinet, your ancestral line goes back to the Richelieu Legers.

Many members have contributed to our database.  We do not verify, but take data as given.  Our Genealogist is willing to search the database for information and furnish it to members.  Any additional Leger data will be accepted.  Contact    For security reasons, only people born before and thru 1920 will be displayed on this website, though many more are in the database.  Also, due to space contraints, female Leger descendants will only be listed on this site while she carries the Leger name. Her children will also be listed.

Below are links to Forms and some information about our ancestors.  More information may be added as time goes on.

Blamk forms may be printed out as an aid in recording genealogy data.

Earliest known Leger

Louisiana Legers

Genealogy Research Request (email Request)

Genealogy Research Request (Paper Request)

If your Ancestors are in the Association Database,

a search can be performed and charts produced.

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Please furnish as many of the following items:

Ancestor Name,   Date Born,    Date died

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Ancestor Chart     (Blank for you to print and use)


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Sample Descendant Chart   (Etienne to Armany Leger)


Direct Line Desc. Chart Request (Members Only)

A chart listing only the direct descendants and Spouse may be produced for members, providing that your descendants are in the Association Database.

Please furnish following:

Oldest Ancestor Name,     Date Born


Youngest Ancestor name,   Date Born



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